Department of Cardiology superspeciality hospital gmc Jammu achieves feat

Department of Cardiology superspeciality hospital gmc Jammu achieves feat
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Srinagar, May 3: Department of cardiology superspeciality hospital gmc Jammu today said it conducted first orbital atherectomy and orbito tripsy in Jammu and Kashmir

In a statement, the hospital said two days back a patient 74 year old male from Naushehra Rajouri, who had developed a major heart attack a couple of days back, was referred from a private center to GMC Jammu. “His angiography was done in the same peripheral center revealed massively calcified critical distal LMCA  disease, which is a death sentence if not treated in time. Treatment of Left main coronary artery disease  with  massive calcification usually warrants bypass surgey, but this patient was not willing and wanted an alternative therapy,” the statement said.

“After careful analysis, IVUS guided PTCA / STENTING with the help of orbital athetectomy and intravascular lithotripsy (IVL), which was done successfully with quite a satisfactory result,” it said.

“This patient had large vessels, and the calcium was nodular. Therefore, we used the combination of orbital atherectomy and IVL, which gave a result beyond imagination,” it said.

“Orbital Atherectomy, with the help of a diamond burr ablates calcium into fine particles and creates micro fractures in the calcium, while as IVL sends shock waves and creatures fractures in calcium. Both the Orbital atherectomy and the combination of orbital athetectomy and intravascular lithotripsy  known as Orbito-tripsy have been done for the time in Jammu & Kashmir and Orbito tripsy for the first time in upper north India.”

The procedure was done by a team of doctors, including Dr Syed Maqbool,  Dr Dharminder Kumar, and Dr Sanjeev Bhat.

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