DLSA Ganderbal organises legal awareness programme

DLSA Ganderbal organises legal awareness programme
Photo: Jammu and Kashmir Information Department

Ganderbal, Sep 4: The District Legal Services Authority (DLSA) Ganderbal today organized Legal Awareness programme on the topic ;Pre-Institution Mediation and Settlement, and Benefits of Settlement of cases through ADR’ at Conference Hall of District Court Ganderbal.

The programme was held under the supervision of Chairman DLSA Ganderbal, Ritesh Kumar Dubey and under the guidance of Secretary DLSA Ganderbal, Nusrat Ali Hakak.

The event took place at the conference hall of the District Court Ganderbal which saw the active participation of Judicial Officers, legal professionals, Advocates, Law Students from School of Legal Studies, Department of Law, Central University of Kashmir, litigants, PLVs and General Public.

The purpose of this event was to create awareness and provide an opportunity for the amicable settlement of pending cases prior to the Lok-Adalat, with a dedicated focus on the efficient and timely resolution of legal disputes.

Chief Judicial Magistrate, Fayaz Ahmad Qureshi who was the guest speaker on the occasion captivated the audience with an eloquent speech centered on the importance of embracing alternative dispute resolution (ADR) mechanisms. He highlighted how ADR can contribute to faster resolution of disputes, lower costs, and reduced stress for the parties involved.

He expressed gratitude towards the DLSA for spearheading this crucial initiative and highlighted the remarkable achievements made in promoting ADR.

Earlier, the awareness programme began with a welcome address and brief deliberation on the subject by Secretary DLSA, Ganderbal, who addressed the attendees, reiterating the significance of settling cases through ADR methods.

She also emphasized the role of pre-institution mediation in achieving swift and fair resolutions, promoting amicable settlements, and reducing the backlog of cases in the courts and stressing the advantages of ADR processes. She also highlighted the potential to achieve timely resolutions, cost effectiveness, and preservation of relationships through amicable settlements.

By organizing such programmes, the District Legal Services Authority aims to foster a culture of amicable resolution in the community, reducing the burden on the courts while ensuring access to justice for all.

Participants applauded the efforts of the authority in creating awareness and promoting Pre-Institution Mediation and Settlement, acknowledging its potential in transforming the local judicial landscape.

Among the esteemed dignitaries in attendance were Ritesh kumar Dubey, Principal District & Sessions Judge, Fayaz Ahmad Qureshi, Chief Judicial Magistrate, Nusrat Ali Hakak, Sub-Judge/ Secretary DLSA Ganderbal, Mainaaz Qadir, Munsiff/Civil Judge, and Mohd. Waseem Mirza, JMIC/ Munsiff.

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