Don’t make students wait in queues to welcome guests: DSEK warns school heads

Excessive expenses incurred on hospitality, catering during school functions come under scrutiny | DSEK highlights inefficiency, time consumption involved in welcoming new officers with bulk artificial garlands | Directs to offer guests, students simple cup of tea, snacks
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Srinagar, Sep 15: The School Education Department (SED) J&K has issued a stern warning to the heads of both private and government schools across Kashmir with the instructions to do away with the practice of making students wait in queues for reception of guests and visiting officers.

The circular instructions in this regard have been issued by Directorate of School Education Kashmir (DSEK) directing all school heads not to make students stand for hours in queues during official visits and also abolish other extravagant customs that have prevailed over the years.

The directive highlights several issues with the current practices emphasising its adverse effects on the students.

The circular states that forcing students to stand for extended periods disrupts their valuable learning time, hinders productivity, and negatively impacts their self-esteem.

"Furthermore, the mental and emotional health of students is at stake, as they endure the stress of these arduous rituals," it reads.

One of the concerns addressed in the warning is the environmental impact as the DSEK has stated that presenting visiting officers or guests with artificial floral bouquets or garlands made from non-biodegradable materials has been a common practice, contributing to environmental pollution during disposal.

The circular emphasises the need for more sustainable and eco-friendly practices while the excessive expenses incurred on hospitality and catering arrangements during school functions have also come under scrutiny.

"These extravagant arrangements not only fail to align with the school's educational mission but also create an environment of discrimination among students. Those not offered such eatables during events feel excluded," the DSEK circular reads.

Moreover, the warning highlights the inefficiency and time consumption involved in welcoming new officers with bulk artificial garlands.

The department advocates for simpler, more efficient methods that respect the time and dignity of both students and guests.

The DSEK has urged the schools to adopt more efficient, respectful, and innovative guest reception methods that prioritise the wellbeing and education of students.

"Instead of non-biodegradable floral arrangements, use simple, natural flowers. Similarly, catering should be modest, offering guests and students a simple cup of tea and snacks," it reads.

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