Farooq Abdullah destroying scope to resist BJP: PDP

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Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) on Wednesday said that Dr Farooq Abdullah was destroying scope of combined resistance to the designs of BJP and their assault on special position in Jammu and Kashmir.

Senior PDP leader and former minister Naeem Akhtar in astatement said that Dr Farooq is travelling from one state capital to the otherto promote a Mahagatbandan (coalition) against the Bharatiya Janata Party(BJP).

"There he will not make any difference to whetherMahagatbandan becomes a reality or not but where he could offer a jointresistance in the state. Perhaps, under the pressure of his corruption casecurrently going on at Srinagar court, he is trying to do what suits the BJP andPrime Minister Modi," Akthar added.

He said that PDP is the only party which has offereddemocratic resistance to the BJP-led central government consistently, for theinterests of State of Jammu and Kashmir, within the constitution of thecountry.

Akhtar said that PDP president and former chief minister ofthe state, Mehbooba Mufti, resisted every move by the central government in theinterest of the state.

Akhtar said: "As head ofthe coalition government and as chief minister, Mehbooba Mufti resisted every attemptby the central government to make any inroads on the constitutional position ofthe state. She compelled BJP to announce unilateral ceasefire and prevented NIAto arrest those who dissent. She also freed more than 12 thousand youth whowere arrested in stone pelting cases."

He said that the stand taken by the PDP left BJP with nochoice but to run away from coalition.

Akhtar said that MehboobaMufti is the only voice who has been consistent in raising voice against thecrackdown on innocent people, crackdown on separatists, Jama'at-e-Islami,Mirwaiz Umar Farooq, on religious bodies and attempts to commit constitutionalfrauds on the state.

"Compared to this, Dr Farooq Abdullah has been swinging likea pendulum. Only three months back, he was ready to join a coalition with thePDP and today he is maligning the party, leveling false and fabricated chargesagainst us," the PDP leader said.

Akhtar said that thecoalition was dictated by the numbers and by election results in which both theparties were at par. He said forming coalition was a brave attempt to engagewith the new India which was dominated by the Hindutva forces.

He said: "PDPsuccessfully resisted for four years. What havoc it would have caused to thestate, if left alone. It has now become visible that how the BJP is trying todivide the state, divide communities and dis-empower the people of the state,launching onslaught on newspapers and other media and with ultimate aim ofdoing away with the special position."

He said that there was no BJP in 1996 when Dr FarooqAbdullah with sixty MLAs aligned unnecessarily with them only to accommodatehis son as a minister.

Akhtar said: "He gave away whatever was left of state'seconomic prospects in the shape of power projects to the centre. It is DrFarooq Abdullah who consolidated forces of official terror and patronised andpromoted them while making BJP Halaal in Kashmir politics."

He said that after the state acceded to India, no party orideology needs a visa or a passport to enter the state as that road was openedwith the accession itself.

Akhtar added that PDP believes in fighting those ideologiespolitically rather than by compromising on the state's interests as NationalConference has done right from 1938.

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