Farooq asks administration to wake up to exigencies thrown up by weather fury

Farooq asks administration to wake up to exigencies thrown up by weather fury
File photo of Dr Farooq Abdullah

Srinagar, June 22: National Conference (NC) President and Member of Parliament from Srinagar Dr Farooq Abdullah on Wednesday asked the government to rise up to the exigencies thrown up by intense spell of rains across Kashmir.

Expressing concern over the weather fury that caused havoc across Kashmir that claimed property, livestock, crops and left the normal life paralysed, Dr Farooq said the unusual weather patterns is turning into a cause of worry for everyone. “The key sectors like agriculture, horticulture and power generation have witnessed major pullbacks in wake of increased weather extremity, he added saying alarm bells that have just started sounding regarding the changing weather patterns needs to be taken seriously as it concerns us all,”he said.

“Government agencies have to think collectively and without wasting any time to contemplate about the remedial measures to avert major losses due to such weather extremities. We have to act now, tomorrow may be too late. District and divisional administration ought to have premeditated action plans to deal with such weather vulnerability,” he observed.

Asking the government to rise up to the challenges thrown up by the incessant rains, the party president said that the unprecedented downpour during last five days has breached bunds across Kashmir causing massive inundation in low lying areas. “The ground reports with regard to the havoc wreaked by weather fury are depressing. Life across Kashmir has come to a standstill. Surface connectivity stands badly hit. Harvest-ready vegetable crops, livestock, houses, roads, culverts, irrigation pump stations, and automobiles have been swept away by the landslides and flash floods in the upper reaches.

Situation across South, Central and North Kashmir is equally depressing. Overflowing drains, and bund breaches have submerged roads, lanes, by lanes,” he added.

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