Kangan village without basic amenities

Chahnhar hamlet in Gutlibagh village of Sub division Kangan in Ganderbal district is without drinking water facility which is causing inconvenience to the residents. Local residents of Chahnhar, Gutlibagh area complained about the non availability of basic civic amenities particularly drinking water, proper road and electricity in their area. They said that the area is comprises of 70-80 families and they are facing hardships due to non availability of basic civic amenities. Mohammad Yaqoob, a local, said that they have to fetch water from a nearby spring for drinking and other uses. With winter approaching the locals said that they face immense problems to get water for daily purposes. They also said that the area faces shortage of electricity which is affecting the studies of their kids. The residents appealed the administration to look into the grievances for early redressal.



Ganderbal areas complain of unscheduled power cuts

The people in Ganderbal district are up in arms against the Power Development Department (PDD) for failing to provide them uninterrupted power supply. Locals complained that power woes have become a major concern for them especially in last one month.

Reports from different areas of Ganderbal district said that the unscheduled power cuts have grown severe giving tough time to people. “It is shocking that instead of ensuring regular power supply the Power Development Department is resorting to forced cuts,” said Nisar Ahmed, a local resident. “Every day we face the problem of unscheduled power cuts only to find ourselves in complete darkness,” said a resident of Gund. People complained the situation was similar in both metered and non-metered areas. Locals said that the power supply situation was going from bad to worse.




Oxygen plant at Trauma Hospital Kangan non-functional

Two years after the government set up various oxygen plants during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, most of these units are non-functional. It was during the time of COVID that measures to improve the health infrastructure of the UT, including the creation of additional health infrastructure, were taken up on a war footing basis. One of those measures was the setting up of these oxygen plants in various health centers which was taken up to augment the oxygen supply of the local hospitals when oxygen cylinders were the premium life savers for those impacted by the COVID-19 . One of those plants was set up in the year 2021 at Trauma Hospital Kangan in Ganderbal district by ERA. It was expected to assist the trauma hospital with life saving oxygen and had been connected to all critical beds at the hospital. That said, nothing more happened after. According to the locals the oxygen plant, though in working condition, remains non-operational due to the shortage of manpower. Sources said that the oxygen plant was handed over to the hospital authorities in March however due to the shortage of manpower it is non-operational. Locals have demanded that the oxygen plant should be made operational for the convenience of patients.

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