GMRA SHAH makes a mark in Kashmir’s textile market

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Srinagar, Feb 19: It’s true that Kashmir Valley has always been a major market for textile suppliers, particularly for ladies and shalwar suits and other fabric materials. The region has a rich history of textile production, and its demand for high-quality products has made it a prime destination for suppliers.

The textile industry in Kashmir has undergone a significant transformation in recent years, with companies like GMRA SHAH leading the charge.

Raies Shah, the owner of GMRA SHAH,  shared his insights on the industry and the company’s approach to business.

According to Shah, the key to success in the textile industry is providing customers with the latest variety of products at unbeatable prices.

“By working closely with suppliers and manufacturers, GMRA SHAH is able to ensure that only the best products make it to the market. This not only benefits customers, but also helps to support the entire supply chain,” said Shah.

When asked about the role of young people in the industry, Shah was quick to point out that they are critical to its success. “By providing opportunities for young people to learn and grow, GMRA SHAH is helping to build a stronger, more vibrant industry in Kashmir.”

Looking ahead, Shah shared his vision for the future of the company, which involves world class products of Kashmir Valley under one roof. By doing so, he hopes to make it easier for customers to find the products they need without having to travel outside the region.

Raies Shah also spoke about the challenges facing the textile industry in Kashmir.

One of the biggest challenges, he noted, is the perception that customers need to shop outside the region to find the best quality and variety of products.

Shah was quick to point out that this perception is simply not true. Local sellers in Kashmir offer the same quality and variety of products as those found outside the region, and at unbeatable prices. “Bypromoting local sellers and encouraging customers to shop within the region the industry can continue to grow and thrive.”

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