Good Governance Week | JKBI symposium focuses on increasing efficiency in Govt offices

New Delhi, Dec 24: Jammu and Kashmir Bureau of Information (JKBI) symposium held here Friday focused on increasing efficiency in decision-making in government offices to redress the public grievances and to improve service delivery.

An official spokesman in a statement issued here said that JKBI celebrated the ‘Good Governance Week’ with a function that was attended by the JKBI Deputy Director Veedushi Kapoor, staff members, and other concerned officials of the bureau.

The statement said that the main aim of the function was to create awareness among the people regarding accountability, transparency, and responsibility in government.

It said that the symposium on ‘Good Governance’ on the theme ‘Prashashan Gaon Ki Aur’ was organised in which several children participated. The statement said that during the event, Deputy Director JKBI and other staff members shared their experiences and made suggestions on strengthening ‘Good Governance’.

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