Govt bans installing advertisement material on Chinar trees in Kashmir

Govt bans installing advertisement material on Chinar trees in Kashmir
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Jammu and Kashmir government has banned installing ofadvertisements, signboards and advertisement materials on Chinar trees in theKashmir valley.

"J&K Society for Trekking and environmental PreservationSrinagar vide their communication NO JK/STEP/54/19 dated 11.06.2019 has broughtinto the notice of this office that Schools Coaching institutions, Industrialunits and others are making injudicious use of Sign boards and other alliedmaterials by way of fixing them on the chinar trees which resultantly damagesthem and also deserts natural beauty of the tree," reads a government order.

It said that Divisional Commissioner Kashmir has directedall Deputy Commissioners to impose blanket ban on such activities and has alsodirected them to ensure that all the hoardings and other sign boards be removedfrom the Chinar trees.

"The line of action in this regard stands already taken byDeputy Commissioner Srinagar vide Order No 06 of 2018 dated 01.12.201Bdirecting all his field functionaries to ensure removal of hoardings/signboards installed on the Chinar trees under J8K Preservation of Specified TreesAct 1969."

"As you are aware that the Chinar is a heritage tree ofKashmir and seen as a symbol of the state. It is our duty to make every effortto preserve them and to aware general masses about the Proper maintenance ofthese trees," the government reads.

It said that it is impressed upon all the General Managersof District Industries Centre's of Kashmir Division that they shall ensureremoval of all the hoardings/sign boards/advertisement boards etc. fixed on theChinar trees within Industrial Estates falling in their jurisdictions and alsoissue instructions to all the Industrial Unit Holders/Trade Associations(organized as well as un-organized sector) in this regard.

The order adds that while carrying out routine inspectionsof industrial units, the installation of advertisement boards may invariably bechecked.

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