Govt insensitive: Sajad

Govt insensitive: Sajad
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Srinagar, Jan 14: Peoples Conference (PC) Chairman Sajad Lone Friday criticised the government's directive for Surya Namaskar saying that the “brute force of the radicals in this administration” would not succeed and the will of the people would eventually prevail.

A statement of PC issued here quoted Lone as saying: “Why is the government insensitive? Now comes the Surya Namaskar episode. I wish the government of the day understood that along many bloody battles fought in Kashmir of immense importance was the war between liberal and radicals. And these were not verbose battles. The blood of the Kashmir liberal Muslim was spilled on the streets. The liberals fought to keep the secular liberal traditions of Kashmir alive. They fought the violence. They fought the bullets. The liberals rendered sacrifices. They used guns against us. They coerced us. They threatened us. They failed. And you will fail too. You are wasting your time as they were. How your actions undo all that the liberals had earned.”

He said that religious radicals irrespective of which religion they belong to were birds of the same flock, the long-lost cousins.

“They share traits of intolerance, hegemony, and monopoly on morality. And Inshallah both have a shared destiny to fail. The radicals reveal who they are when they are in power. They are brutal when they are in power. We have seen the brute power of the radicals all through the nineties. You will not succeed. The will of the people will eventually prevail,” Lone said.

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