Govt must listen to the plight of ASHA workers: AAP

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Srinagar, Sep 9: Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) today terrmed ASHA workers associated with health department as an important component of healthcare services and daily wagers of different departments as backbone of system.

According to a press note, Aam Aadmi Party here has promised that a Delhi like welfare model for ASHAs will be implemented in Jammu and Kashmir if party is voted to power and Minimum Wages Act (MWA) benefit will be ensured to the ASHA workers and daily wagers that too after revision as per fresh inflation rate and requirement.

Aam Aadmi Party stated that like workers associated with other government departments of Jammu and Kashmir, the ASHA workers associated with the health department are also facing burns of the Government's callous approach and non-serious attitude.

"Like employees of dozens of other categories, the ASHAs are also on protest for a long time but there is no one within the Jammu and Kashmir Government to listen to their plight or even to communicate with them." AAP said.

Party further termed ASHAs as symbols of basic healthcare services and mentioned that proper strengthening of ASHAs is the need of the hour to ensure that roles and responsibilities of these health workers are taken on serious note.

It is unfortunate to see that ASHA workers in Jammu and Kashmir have been protesting for a long time and one will be amused to know that they are given only Rs 2000 as assured incentive while their responsibilities and tasks are heavy but poor concern shown by the Government affects the working of workers for sure.

Aam Aadmi Party mentioned the welfare measures taken by party's Government in Delhi in which an ASHA worker gets around eighteen thousand rupees as incentive besides other benefits and further stated that if party is voted to power than similar initiatives for welfare of ASHA workers will be taken in Jammu and Kashmir that especially include implementation of MWA thay too on revised basis as per latest inflation rate along with adequate supply of ASHA kits, necessary medicines, health supplements.

Presently, the main role assigned to ASHAs in Jammu and Kashmir is to promote institutional delivery but if voted to power then the Aam Aadmi Party will make ASHA a real symbol of basic healthcare services especially in rural areas.

AAP also highlighted the services rendered by ASHA workers during COVID19 pandemic despite of which their services are not being recognised and ASHAs are on roads for their rights.

Aam Aadmi Party further mentioned the services by daily wagers of different departments in Jammu and Kashmir and said that daily wagers are the backbone of departments and render highly appreciable services to masses but despite this they are being treated harshly and given police Lathis instead of their rights.

“We ensure that if voted to power Aam Aadmi Party will implement MWA with revised value for daily wagers of all departments besides ensuring their speedy regularisation like Punjab,” the press note said.

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