High-powered workshop, CME to be held on ‘Ultrasound & CT Guided Needle Navigation’

High-powered workshop, CME to be held on ‘Ultrasound & CT Guided Needle Navigation’
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Srinagar, Aug 26: Indian Institute of CT-Guided Interventions in collaboration with the Society of Interventional Onco Radiology (SIO) and the Indian Society of Vascular and Interventional Radiology is organizing a day-long workshop and CME on ‘Ultrasound & CT Guided Needle Navigation’ Individual Hands-On Workshop Training 0n Models/ Mannequins

According to Assistant Professor, SKIMS Med College, Sgr, Dr Imran Salroo, who is also organizing secretary of the event, says that such events would bolster medical education and help junior doctors to get a better understanding of the sophisticated technology. Dr Salroo says that the

workshop and CME will be an active educational experience.

Dr Salroo informed that the workshop is conducted to train the radiology post postgraduates, junior consultants interested in imaging-guided non-vascular interventions. He says that the workshop would have a few basic lectures where the experts in the field will introduce the principles of non-vascular interventions to the delegates.

He informed that the live demonstration of the procedures and techniques on mannequins will be done by the faculty, following which each participant will be allowed practice on models along with teachers.

Dr Salroo informed that fine-needle navigation is a minimally invasive, cost-effective diagnostic tool that can be used in low-resource settings. However, adequacy and accuracy are highly dependent on the skills of the operator and require specialized training. He said that the poor technique can preclude definitive diagnoses because of insufficient quality or quantity of samples. “The workshop and CME would be a great help for the doctors and consultants to evaluate the efficacy of an intensive training experience on improving ultrasound-guided techniques.” Dr Salroo said.

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