Hurriyat will support all peace initiatives to resolve Kashmir issue: Mirwaiz

Hurriyat will support all peace initiatives to resolve Kashmir issue: Mirwaiz
File photo of Mirwaiz Umar Farooq. [Image for representational purpose only]

Hurriyat (M) chairman Mirwaiz Umar Farooq on Friday saidthat the Hurriyat would support all the peace initiatives that are aimed atpeaceful resolution of the Kashmir issue.

"Hurriyat is willing to support every initiative which isaimed at peaceful resolution of the dispute keeping in view the sentiments andaspirations of the people of Kashmir," Mirwaiz said while addressing the Fridaycongregation at the historic Jamia Masjid.

Mirwaiz said that Pakistan premier's offer of holding adialogue on all the outstanding issues should be taken seriously by New Delhi.

"Pakistan PM Imran Khan's oft repeated offer of dialogue onall issues between India and Pakistan including Kashmir issue should beseriously considered by the new dispensation in New Delhi as the way forward."

He said that as the people of India overwhelmingly voted forPrime Minister Narendra Modi and his party back into power, this mandate givesPM Modi the opportunity and the power to play a decisive role in the resolutionof the long pending Kashmir conflict.

Mirwaiz said all Kashmiris irrespective of theirorganisational affiliations are speaking in one voice about the urgent need forresolution of the conflict.

"It is an opportune time to initiate political processeswhich enables and facilitates conflict resolution."

Mirwaiz said a resolution to the Kashmir issue can transformboth India and Pakistan and usher in a new era of stability and progress inSouth Asia, free from punishing military budgets and fear of conflict, bringingthe much needed relief to the hapless people of Kashmir striving for aresolution.

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