Ideological war root cause for India-Pak strained relations: Dr Qasim

Incarcerated ameer of Muslim Deeni Mahaz (MDM) Dr Muhammad Qasim today said the real cause of strain in relations between India and Pakistan was not any LOC or border skirmishes  but an "ideological war" prevalent between these countries. 

"The Muslims of Jammu and Kashmir and pro- freedom leadership should understand that the ideological forces of India have never accepted the existence of Pakistan.  Even today the map of India in the RSS   headquarters in Nagpur shows Pakistan as a part of India.  When Gandhi took over the leadership of Congress in 1915 the party ceased to be  political and administrative reformist movement and transformed into a movement of revival of Hindu political supremacy with the soul aim of creating a Hindu supremacist sub continent. As this part of the continent was under Ashok but the creation of Pakistan destroyed all these plans of Congress leadership," a spokesman of the MDM, in a statement today, quoted Dr Qasim as having said.

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