India wants peaceful coexistence with Pakistan: Lt Gen (Retd) Hasnain

India wants peaceful coexistence with Pakistan: Lt Gen (Retd) Hasnain

Lieutenant General (Retd) Syed Ata Hasnain Monday said that New Delhi wants peaceful coexistence with Islamabad.

Speaking at 'Raabta', an event organised by the Army in Baramulla old town on Monday, Lt Gen (Retd) Hasnain, who served as the Military Secretary of the Indian Army and commanded the strategic Srinagar-based 15 Corps, said India believes in peace and wants peaceful coexistence with all including Pakistan.

However, he said that the lack of single-window clearance for peace initiatives in Pakistan do not allow the conciliatory efforts to move forward.

Referring to recent developments between the two countries, Lt Gen (Retd) Hasnain said, "Pakistan recently started talking about peace with India and even decided to import sugar and cotton from India but within 24 hours took a U-turn, which shows there is not a single entity for clearing the peace initiatives in Pakistan."

He said that for a stable India-Pakistan relation, Pakistan was required to show seriousness in ushering peace.

"However, the biggest question is who is calling the shots in Pakistan," said Lt Gen (Retd) Hasnain.

He said dialogue was the only way forward for a peaceful coexistence but added that Pakistan needed to reciprocate seriously without succumbing to internal pressure.

The programme was organised by the BaramullaRashtriya Rifles with the support of Army's Dagger Division.

The Army started 'Raabta', an interactive session with the people, in a bid to connect with the masses.

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