Introduce compulsory e-voting in Kashmir: Renzushah to ECI
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Introduce compulsory e-voting in Kashmir: Renzushah to ECI

With two days left to counting of votes throughout country where 50 to 80 per cent voting was registered, "it is insult to basic fundamentals of such sacred institutions that in Kashmir only 0 to 3% voting was allowed to make mockery of all democratic values in the Valley (sic)" said Khawaja Farooq Renzushah, chairman Kashmir Society International in his email to ECI.

Renzushah in a statement said that he has also sent a copyof the mail to Governor J&K.

He alleged that "97% of voters have been kept out . . . bylocal mainstream leaders in nexus with forces of separatism."

He alleged that quite a little effort has been made to"ensure participation by these 97% voters in the voting in Kashmir since 1947."

He said due to this phenomenon "the law making system inKashmir has never remained in hands of true representatives of Kashmir."

He, according to the statement, has intimated the ECI thatthe "democratic history of Kashmir is witness of the fact that even PrimeMinisters of Kashmir have been sworn to posts after 1947 without elections."

He said even the "personal (sic) accords like Indra-Sheikhaccord were (reached) through undemocratic process dismantling permanently theJ&K PM chair to reshape it as CM chair.

He, according to the statement, in his e-mail to the ECI hassaid that in Kashmir the "political class has purchased 3% of voters byemploying them or giving contracts and they are assigned with task to keep 97%voters away from polling booths."

"It is not only the militancy which distances them frompolling booths but huge security covers provided to political leaders in nameof protecting Indian democracy is being used to keep 97% of voters away fromvoting rights," he said.

He has strongly suggested that to vote should be madecompulsory in Kashmir "so that the voter through secured Adhaar card number cancast his/her vote without getting physically detected at polling stations."

"Once serious exercises are made to ensure this systemworks, not only billions of rupees spend on security will be saved but 97% ofmajority of Kashmir will be able to choose true representatives who will beable to work sincerely for restoration of permanent peace and true democracy inKashmir," he said.

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