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Redress grievance of retired J&K SFC employees

We, the retired employees of the previously known J&K State Financial Corporation (J&K SFC) have more than three decades of dedicated service at our back. We were appointed against the advertised posts after qualifying written tests and the viva voce under well-established procedures and rules of the corporation. We toiled in shaping the corporation as the number one profit-earning PSU in J&K within a few years of our joining its services. The corporation was meeting its administrative and other financial costs out of its earned profits without any budgetary support from the government. Unfortunately, we are denied payments of our accrued and earned salary and gratuity arrears despite the court orders and other directions. We urge the esteemed Financial Commissioner (Additinal Chief Secretary) Finance Department Vivek Bharadwaj, who has recently been nominated as the chairman of the corporation to resolve the issue related to the release of withheld salary and gratuity arrears now.

M Aslam Shah, G Mustafa Bhat,

G N Naik, Shamima Khan

Through: M Maqsood Wani, G N Bhat

‘Remove damaged boats from under Zero Bridge’

As we are well aware that cleanliness attracts more tourists, we appeal to the concerned authorities to take notice of the damaged boat lying below the Zero Bridge for a very long time now. It has affected the scenic beauty of the river. It can also affect the pillars of the bridge, putting hundreds of lives at risk. We hope the authorities will take some action as soon as possible.

Sofi Umar Jan

Repair roads in Budgam district

Despite repeated complaints of the citizens, the Budgam district administration has neglected the poor road conditions in Khag area of Budgam. The important roads connect the areas having a population of thousands of people. However, the area has been left unattended over many years. The roads include Khag-Aripanthan and Khag-Poshkar, Poshkar-Gulab Bagh, and Gulab Bagh-Haripora that connect various habitations of Budgam and Baramulla districts.

The 3-4 km road stretch from Hardu-Sourish to Kandhama of Khag to Aripanthan approved years ago under the CRF scheme is in shambles. The key road has large potholes and connects the tehsil headquarters with Srinagar and Budgam district headquarters.

The issue has been raised a number of times but the government does not seem interested to develop this important road to connect with Tosamaidan tourist destination. Similarly, the condition of the road from Hamchipora to Khag-Poshkar road is no different. The roads Poshkar- Gulab Bagh and Gulab Bagh-Haripora are awaiting macadamisation for decades but the demand of the large chunk of people is not getting fulfilled.

The LG's administration has promised the people of J&K to provide all essential services on priority. Hoewver, people have been left without basic facilities. I, on behalf of the people of the two districts, request the administration to repair all dilapidated roads on top priority during the ongoing macadamisation programme.


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