Jama’at slams ‘desecration’ of sacred places

Expressing concern over, what it said, the chain of worst kind of oppression on Kashmiris, Jama'at-e-Islami Jammu and Kashmir on Sunday said the trend has now turned to desecration of the sacred places of Muslims. 

"In the past few days, it has come to fore that during the nocturnal raids, the government forces do enter the Masajid with their shoes on and ransack the goods lying there besides breaking windows and doors. In Marwel Pulwama, Sharshali Pampore, Aluchi Bagh Srinagar, Bandipora, Pohu Pulwama and other places, these sacred houses have been deliberately dishonored just to hurt the sentiments of Muslims," said Advocate Zahid Ali, spokesman of Jama'at, appealing all Muslim bodies to raise voice against the desecration of these sacred centers.

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