Jammu and Kashmir Fiction Writers Guild organises literary event

Srinagar, Apr 8: The Jammu and Kashmir Fiction Writers Guild held its 254th weekly session here.

The session was presided over by Dr. Nazir Mushtaq, a renowned doctor and writer. The session was graced by Dr. Masooda Rajpuri, another esteemed doctor and literature lover, who was invited as the guest personality.

The session was filled with literary delights as two short stories, one in English and one in Kashmiri, were presented by talented writers. Er. Shafi Ahmad mesmerised the audience with his reading of the Kashmiri short story titled Tchas, while Dr. Henana Barjees captivated the listeners with her English story titled No man’s land. The discussions that followed the readings were engaging and insightful, as the members of the Guild delved into the nuances of the stories, analyzing the characters, themes, and writing styles. The session was moderated by Zubair Qureshi, a young writer and the Guild’s coordinator, who skillfully steered the conversation and encouraged participation from all members.

Dr Nazir Mushtaq, the Guild’s President, expressed his appreciation for the literary talents of the writers and their dedication to the art of storytelling. He emphasized the importance of literature in reflecting the society we live in and promoting cultural exchange.

Dr Masooda Rajpuri, lauded the efforts of the Guild in promoting literature and providing a platform for writers to showcase their work. She shared her insights on the connection between literature and medicine, highlighting the healing power of stories and the role of literature in creating empathy and understanding among people.

The session of the Guild concluded on a high note, with the members expressing their gratitude to the guest personalities and the organisers for an enriching literary experience.

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