J&K beset with administrative inertia, insecurity: Sagar

NC committed to empower youth, says Nasir Aslam
File pic of Ali Mohammad Sagar
File pic of Ali Mohammad Sagar

Jammu and Kashmir National Conference on Wednesday alleged that at a time when the state is beset with administrative inertia and insecurity, the Governor's administration is busy facilitating BJP and its agenda in the state.

Party general secretary Haji Ali Muhammad Sagar, while addressing a delegation of party leaders and functionaries from south Kashmir here, said that "every sector of the state ranging from economy to agriculture is presenting a grim tale of abject neglect.

The former BJP-PDP government had other things on mind while development was never a priority for them. However the incumbent Governor's administration proved equally inept and inefficient to rise up to the expectations of the people of the state," adding, "No significant project has come up or been executed ever since BJP-PDP hobnobbed with each other. The governor administration also failed to deliver on development front, due to its chronic pre-occupation with politics."

Sagar while recounting thefailures of former BJP-PDP government said, "Let us start with theeconomy.  One of the biggest casualtieswas an all out assault on our financial autonomy by facilitating theimplementation of GST in the state," adding, "There is no constituency that thePDP-BJP alliance has failed in greater measure than farmers, hoteliers andcraftsmen. The extension of GST has broken the very back bone of local smalland marginal traders of the state."

'NC committed toempower youth'

 Meanwhile, NC provincial president Nasir AslamWani on Wednesday said that his party is committed to empower youth.

AddressingYouth National Conference functionaries including office bearers of YNC hereWani said that "the past few years have seen abject lack of initiatives by thePDP-BJP government towards emancipation of the youth. Youth oriented policiesthat involve effective investment in a number of different areas such asemployment, education, leisure were not on their agenda," adding, "The need ofthe hour therefore is to give wings to the aspirations of youth by providingthem safe and secure environment to peruse their vocation."

"It isthe youth that has suffered immensely due to the maladministration of theformer PDP-BJP government. However it is the increased electoral participationof youth that will bring new solutions to pervasive problems and bring amendsto the wrongs committed by former BJP-PDP regime and the incumbent Governor'sadministration," he added.

Nasirwhile exuding confidence into the YNC functionaries said, "The YNCfunctionaries should enthusiastically promote the party program. Now that thetrumpet for general elections have been blown, it is imperative for all us togear up. The YNC functionaries will have to play a pivotal part in mobilizingthe youth, "adding, "We have a capable, sincere leadership and a legacy ofservice and sacrifice to bank on. The people of state especially the youth havepinned high hopes on Omar Sahab; it is our duty to strengthen his efforts. Bythe grace of Almighty the active participation of youth we will be able to takethe youth of state to safer shores."

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