J&K govt initiates optimising teacher deployment

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Srinagar, Aug 22: In a move aimed at enhancing delivery of education across districts, the Department of Education J&K has initiated the process of rationalising teacher placements. The Principal Secretary Education, Alok Kumar, has  underscored the importance of placing teachers where they are truly needed.

While speaking to Greater Kashmir, he said, “Our focus is on ensuring that teachers are stationed in areas where their presence is imperative. We have encountered instances where resources were misallocated, such as posting an Urdu teacher in a school with no Urdu students. This is a mismanagement of valuable human resources, which we are determined to rectify.”

The impetus for this initiative arises from the need to address imbalances in Pupil Teacher Ratios (PTR) across schools. The Department of Education's response to the Union Education Ministry revealed that 22 percent of primary-level schools and 6 percent of upper-primary-level schools were grappling with unfavorable PTRs. Acknowledging the surplus of over 10,000 teachers in the Union Territory, the ministry recommended that the government undertake rationalization based on school-level analysis utilizing the latest UDISE data.

“As part of our commitment to balanced education, we are embracing a comprehensive rationalization process,” affirmed  Kumar. “We are keen to maintain a harmonious distribution of teachers, reducing urban-rural disparities. Our endeavor is to enhance educational access and quality for every student.”

This ongoing rationalisation drive aims to channel teachers towards schools facing shortages and enhance the deployment of educators across the region. The Principal Secretary emphasized, “There is  a freeze on recruitment, making it crucial to utilize our existing teacher workforce optimally. The rationalisation process will be rigorous and continuous.”

In response to the government's efforts, the education system has embraced the School Complex System, which designates 746 School Complexes in accordance with the National Education Policy (NEP) 2020. This innovative approach empowers Cluster Heads to strategically allocate resources within their respective clusters, further bolstering the efficient use of manpower and educational materials.

The Principal Secretary said that the drive of rationalisation will find many people aggrieved, those who do not get their preferred areas for work. He howver, said that the drive will take students and education delivery as priority. He concluded, “By rationalizing our teaching resources and fostering collaboration through the School Complex System, we are taking significant strides towards achieving this vision.”

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