JKPM parts ways with PAGD

File photo of PAGD
File photo of PAGD

Srinagar: Jammu and Kashmir Peoples Movement (JKPM) has decided to part ways with PAGD .

The party announced its decision to leave PAGD at a press conference. It asserted that the alliance is a mere electoral alliance of two traditional political parties only to safe guard their political interests and not bothered about the multitude of issues and problems people are facing in every walk of life .

The President of JKPM, Dr Ghulam Mustafa, said that post August 2019 PAGD has been more or less silent on almost all the issues of public importance that keep popping up time to time .

It seems that there is no understanding between the constituents of PAGD and even within the ranks of the constituent parties . “It would not be out of place to say that some of the stalwarts of these parties have never spoken about PAGD and its role in the political spectrum,”he said .

JKPM vice president Dr Muhammad Hussain said that despite the fact that “we raised these issues in PAGD repeatedly but got cold responses every time from the top leaders of the alliance .” The leaders in PAGD keep passing the buck in all the issues no matter how big or small, he alleged .

He alleged that these political parties make only passing references about the political and constitutional changes that took place in 2019 but in reality they do nothing to assure people of any possible way forward or plan to address these issues . JKPM is of the opinion that it cannot be part of an alliance that doesnot have any road map or any clear cut plans to lead people out of uncertainties . (KNS)

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