Judicial probe ordered to buy time: PDP

KASHMIR NEWS SERVICESrinagar, Oct 9: Former Deputy Chief Minister and senior Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) leader Muzaffar Hussain Beig on Sunday alleged that National Confer...

Srinagar, Oct 9: Former Deputy Chief Minister and senior Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) leader Muzaffar Hussain Beig on Sunday alleged that National Conference led government ordered judicial probe into the killing of National Conference worker Syed Yousuf to buy time.
 "They (state government) ordered a judicial inquiry due to public pressure. They want to buy time. If someone else would have been involved in the crime, then judicial probe would have been okay . But here Chief Minister and his Home Minister are involved," Beig told a vernacular news agency KNS.
"I'm a law knowing person and I won't say that Omar Abdullah had intention of murder. But one thing is clear that they wanted to settle the issue (money transaction between NC workers) in CM's home. When Syed Yousuf declined to give collateral guarantee to return money what happened after that I can't say. Something happened which forced them (CM) to call police," he said.
The former deputy said that CM' home, office and his security were directly or indirectly involved. "Deceased's (Yosuf's) relatives allege he knew many secrets of Farooq Abdullah sahib and Omar sahib and that is why he was eliminated. According to another witness Salam Reshi he had threatened them (Omar) that he will expose them. If it is true, then needle of suspicion goes towards Omar," he alleged.
The senior PDP leader quoting CM's statement to a national newspaper on first day, official press releases, Salam Reshi's statement and IG Crime's statement said, "It is clear that Syed Yousuf entered CM's residence in good health but when he left his condition was bad. And according to IG Crime he (Yosuf) was vomiting when he came out. This was corroborated by Salam Reshi who said he saw Yosuf vomiting blood after he came out of CM's residence."
"Salam Reshi has alleged that IG Crime and CM's personal security took Syed Yosuf to a separate room and when he came back he couldn't speak. There were some injury marks on the deceased's body which had been shown on TV also. It points out that Syed had been given some treatment which led to his death," he said
On government's claims that Syed Yosuf died due to cardiac arrest which has been also established by postmortem report, Beig said, "A person can die either of brain hemorrhage or cardiac arrest whatever the disease is. It is not necessary that there should be external injuries if heart has to be damaged. There are several techniques of torture which can damage the heart without external injures."
On DGP's yesterday's statement that there were no external injury marks on Yousuf's body, he said, "That doesn't mean there were no internal injuries which led to heart fail. I can't say what happened at CM's residence, it can be only established by an impartial probe."
Asked why PDP wasn't satisfied with Government's judicial probe, he said, "If a judge of HC or SC is appointed he too has to rely on evidences and witnesses and for that he has to rely on police agencies which are under CM and Home Minister. Witnesses can be pressurized or purchased if CM and HM remain on chair."
"It is CM and HM who are accused in the case. They can influence the result of judicial inquiry by influencing the witnesses and destroying the evidences," he alleged.
Commenting on issue of FIR not being lodged in the death of Yousuf, Beig said, "Law says that inquiry is held after FIR is registered. After witnesses give statement and evidences are collected charge sheet is filed. FIR has to be lodged if relatives of the deceased say he died in custody."
Asked to comment on allegations of NC that PDP was power hungry, he said, "The job of the ruling party is to rule and the job of the opposition is to oppose, expose and depose. PDP as an opposition will oppose all the wrong decisions of the government. It will expose all the scandals."
"You can't say NC is party of saints and isn't hungry for power and it is only PDP who wants power. Every party's aim is to gain power. We want to come into power but through the votes of the people at an appropriate time," he said.
He reiterated that Omar Abdullah and Minister of State for Home, Nasir Aslam Wani should step down till probe is completed. "They can make anybody CM from NC or Congress. PDP doesn't want power, we don't say let Omar go and Mehbooba will sit there. Let you enjoy till elections. People will decide it in next election," he said.
Asked whether stepping down of the CM and HM would ensure fair probe, he said, "Ideally CM shouldn't have been from NC, but we don't say that. Let some one else become CM till the probe is completed."
Beig who is also a Supreme Court lawyer said that law states that whosoever is in knowledge of illegal gratification should brought it into the notice of the police. "If he doesn't do so he can be sentenced to 6-months imprisonment. When Reshi had brought illegal gratification into the notice of the CM, why didn't he bring it into the notice of the police?" he asked.
The former deputy CM said that FIR under section 420 has been lodged against deceased (Yousuf) who he had taken money form the other two and cheated them. "But according to CM's statement to a national paper Omar had said that money was meant for Dr Farooq Sahib. If they have lodged FIR under section 420 why only is it against a dead person. Why not against the person for whom the money was taken from. Why have been Farooq Abdullah sahib not been made accused in the case. Then probe could have been done," he demanded.
Asked to comment on Congress role on the issue, Beig said, "What Congress did is on expected lines. They are themselves facing corruption charges and we don't expect central government to ask Dr Farooq to step down."

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