Karan Singh calls for comprehensive restructuring of Congress party

Singh said that resurrection and regeneration on the Indian National Congress is important not only for the grand old party itself but in the broader national interest.
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Veteran Congress leader Dr. Karan Singh on Wednesdayquestioned the working committee for not coming up with a new leadershipstructure seven weeks after the resignation of Rahul Gandhi as the partypresident.

"…I see no reason as to why even after seven weekshaving elapsed (at the time of writing) since Rahul announced his intention toretire at the Working Committee meeting on 25th May 2019, there has been noforward movement," Singh asked in a statement, issued today.

He said there was no reason for the Working Committee tohave taken so long to come up with a new leadership structure. "I havesuggested that in addition to an Interim President until the AICC elects aregular one, we should have four Zonal Vice-Presidents.  This would enable a broader spectrum ofleaders from around the country, including younger people, to take over theparty reins," he said.

Singh said that there was a need for a comprehensiverestructuring of party office bearers, including General Secretaries and PCCPresidents. "This will be the opportunity to phase out those who may haverendered valuable services to the party in the past but are unable now to do soin the face of the present challenges," he said, in the statement.

Singh said that resurrection and regeneration on the IndianNational Congress is important not only for the grand old party itself but inthe broader national interest.

"The Congress alone can provide a national levelopposition to the BJP juggernaut without which we will be left only with a fewregional parties, thus moving into virtually a one party dominated situation.In a Parliamentary democracy a strong and effective opposition is essentialboth at the national and State levels, and this makes the confusion within theCongress all the more unfortunate," he rued.

On the resignation of Rahul Gandhi, Singh said that heappreciated the Congress-persons around the country who, he said, weregenuinely anxious that he should withdraw his resignation. "… but beinga man of principle it was unrealistic to expect him (Rahul) to do so andseveral weeks were wasted in efforts to pressurize him," he said.

"He is a fine young man who has many years of politicalactivity ahead of him, and his bold decision to take responsibility for theCongress defeat by resigning from his post is in keeping with the bestparliamentary traditions around the world. We should honour his decision andmove one, as a vacuum at this stage when several state elections are round thecorner, is a sure recipe for disaster," said Singh.

He sadid it was the duty of the Working Committee to do whatis required of them under the party constitution. "Already there is awidespread sense of disappointment and disorientation among party workersaround the country. Let us not forget that the Congress did receive as many as12 crore votes in the recent Lok Sabha elections, and that there are thousandsof Congress workers around the country who cannot be left leaderless," hesaid.

"Any further delay will surely accelerate the negativespiral in which this great party finds itself. This must not be; we have tosnap out of the present impasse and collectively move towards reviving theinner spirit and outer structure of the party based on its liberal, progressiveand inclusive philosophy," he added.

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