Land to landless scheme | PDP raises concerns

Land to landless scheme | PDP raises concerns
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Srinagar, Aug 25: PDP Chief Spokesperson Syed Suhail Bukhari, today expressed growing concerns about the land to landless scheme and called for greater transparency from the government regarding the scheme’s intentions and implications.

Talking to media persons, Bukhari emphasised the need for clarity surrounding the developments related to the land to landless scheme. He underscored that with each passing day and new developments surrounding the policy, there emerges a sense that the government is withholding crucial information, thereby raising suspicions among the public about the true intentions behind the scheme. PDP Chief Spokesperson drew attention to the eligibility criteria outlined in the policy, which includes domiciles as beneficiaries. He highlighted a pivotal question that requires addressing: the identity of these domiciles. He stated that the party had information suggesting that domicile certificates had been granted to numerous non-state subjects.

“This prompted the question of whether these newly recognised domiciles are authentic state subjects or non-locals who have been granted domicile status,”PDP leader said. He asserted the importance of transparency on the part of the government. Bukhari stressed the necessity of making the relevant data public, particularly the number of non-state subjects who have been granted domicile status. He urged the government to reveal the true demographic impact of the policy, particularly in terms of the inclusion of non-locals as domiciles. The Chief Spokesperson raised concerns about the potential consequences of the government’s actions.

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