‘Mann Ki Baat’ | Dr DarakshanAndrabi attends special listening session at Rajpora

‘Mann Ki Baat’ | Dr DarakshanAndrabi attends special listening session at Rajpora
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Srinagar, Aug 27: Waqf Chairperson and BJP National Executive Member Dr Darakhshan Andrabi today attended a special listening session of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s “ Mann Ki Baat” at Rajpora in Pulwama.

According to a press release, BJP District Pulwama hosted the successful “Mann Ki Baat” listening session' with Dr Darakhshan Andrabi at Rajpora. Pulwama BJP President Mohammed Latief Bhat and many other BJP writers were present in the session.

During the session, Dr Andrabi shared her insights on various topics, including development projects, community welfare, and regional growth. She said that “Mann Ki Baat “has touched the hearts of Indians during past nine years and it has emerged as a huge inspiration store house for Indians. "Mann Ki Baat is the most impressive platform where PM shares innovative ideas with all Indians and the country has got benefited from this historic program", said Dr Andrabi.

The attendees had the opportunity to express their thoughts, concerns, and suggestions, fostering a sense of participation and inclusivity.

The event underscored BJP's commitment to reach out to the people and take the programmes of the Modi led government to the grass roots everywhere.

This listening session serves as a testament to the BJP's dedication to fostering a platform for constructive conversations, ensuring that the voices of the citizens are heard and taken into account in the decision-making.

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