Multi-storey commercial complexes flout rules in Baramulla

No provision of parking space in the shopping complexes makes the town roads chaotic
Multi-storey commercial complexes flout rules in Baramulla
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Many multi-storey commercial complexes that have come up in Baramulla town and its outskirts have flouted government norms by not providing parking space in their basements.

This has created chaotic conditions in the town with carsand other vehicles parked outside these shopping complexes.

According to well laid out government guidelines, permissionis granted for construction of multi-storey shopping complexes within theBaramulla municipal limits only if sufficient provision is made for parkingwithin these big structures.

"How is the administration allowing such construction despiteknowing there set guidelines are being violated?" asks Abdul Rashid, a residentof Baramulla town.

"Our town is already struggling with car parking issues andnow vehicles of visitors to these multi-storey buildings are parked on the roadoutside creating a traffic mess. The owners of these earn crores of rupees byselling shops, but when it comes car parking space they violate setguidelines."

The Baramulla town including areas like Delina, Sangrama,and Kanispora have witnessed mushroom growth of such structures during the lastdecade. In the main market, scores of shopping complexes have been constructedbut not a single one of them has car parking space built in.

The topography of the bowl-shaped town is such that it hasless area compared to other parts of the district being surrounded bymountains.

"Be it traffic mess, lack of car parking space or expansionof the town, nothing meaningful has happened in this direction to resolve theseissues," says Ghulam Rasool, town resident.

Executive officer Municipal Council Baramulla Wali Mohammadadmitted that violations of building rules regarding provision of parking spacehas happened in the past.

"But we are ensuring now such violations don't take place,"he said.

Deputy Commissioner Baramulla while assuring strong actionagainst the owners of multi-storey buildings without car parking space saidthat administration was finalising the list of such violators.

"If they failed to provide car parking space then we will beleft with no option but to seal them," said the DC G N Itoo. "I have already devised a plan in thisdirection. Initially we will identify such violators and they will be asked forprovide car parking space within the multi-storey structures and if they don'tcomply then such buildings will be sealed," Itoo said.

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