Muslim neighbours perform last rites of Pandit woman in north Kashmir’s Baramulla

One of the relatives of the deceased said they were moved by the heartwarming gesture by the locals.
Mubashir Khan/GK
Mubashir Khan/GK

Upholding the age-old communal harmony in the valley, local Muslims in Tarhama village of Kunzar in north Kashmir's Baramulla district on Sunday performed the last rites of a Kashmiri Pandit woman.

Rani Kaul, wife of Moti Lal Kaul passed away on Saturday, however her last rites had to be delayed by a day as her relatives had to travel all the way from Delhi for the funeral.

On Sunday, the local Muslims took part in her funeral and helped with performing the last rites of the deceased as the Kaul's is the only Pandit house in a locality of around 600 Muslims.

S L Raina, one of the relatives of the deceased, said they were moved by the heartwarming gesture by the locals.

"We did not have to be concerned about anything about the last rites of Rani ji as the local Muslims arranged and provided for everything. I am very thankful to them," Raina said.

As for the local Muslims of the area, they said they have been living as one community for generations and no attempts to polarize the local population will succeed.

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