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Srinagar, Dec 31: National Conference (NC) Friday submitted its response to the draft proposals of the Delimitation Commission, calling for the exercise to be put on hold given the legal challenge to the Centre's August 5, 2019 decisions.

The response of the three NC MPs to the commission's proposals was submitted on Friday, NC MP Hasnain Masoodi said.

He said that the party's basic premise was that the exercise offends constitutional morality, constitutional propriety, and constitutional values as much as the Reorganisation Act under which it was being brought.

“The act itself faces challenge before the Supreme Court. It is under judicial scrutiny. The Supreme Court is examining whether it is constitutional. We call it constitutionally suspect law,” he said. “In a democratic polity, every limb, out of deference, has to wait for the outcome of the judicial proceedings in such a case.”

Masoodi said that the population of the constituency was universally accepted as the core criterion to effect any delimitation, and this criterion could not be pushed to the backseat.

“The population as a criterion is being ignored. The considerations that are peripheral, of peripheral importance, though to be considered, cannot downplay the population as a criterion,” he said. “In this case, the core criterion is not being followed in the proposals that have been put forth by the commission.”

Masoodi said that while the commission had not provided any background as to how they concluded, the figures from the 2011 Census would lead to a different conclusion as regards to the distribution of the seats.

He said that the parameters considered for the delimitation had been selectively applied and even those had not been shared with the shareholders.

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