NC calls Sajad Lone's utterances comical lies

‘Lone attempting to hide his relation with BJP-RSS’
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Srinagar, May 2: National Conference on Tuesday rejected the claims of People's Conference Chairman Sajad Gani Lone that it was “confabulating” with BJP to form the next government in Jammu and Kashmir as comical lies and ‘shameless attempt to blow smoke to gloss over his relation with BJP and RSS.

In a joint statement, party leaders including Choudhary Muhammad Ramzan, Mir Saifullah, Qaisar Jamsheed Lone rejected the “baseless remarks” made by Sajad Lone, calling it an attempt to white wash his own ties with the BJP and RSS. “It is a brazen attempt to remain in news and white wash his own past. Frustration in wake of the overwhelming response of people for our leadership and policies is written all over Sajad’s face. Nothing can be far from the truth than what he has stated. People have stopped swallowing his lies. His wavering stand on Articles 370, 35-A is out in the open. One day he and his party dismiss the Articles as done and dusted and on another day cry over their erosion. Like everything else, they have double-standards on Articles 370, 35-A. He only cherry picks the one that suits their discourse at a time,” they said.

Having no bone to pitch with the National Conference, Sajjad Lone is going ballistic and lying through his teeth, they said adding, “It is he who referred to PM Modi as his elder brother undermining the miseries of scores of people. It is he who overlooked the tragedy of Babri Masjid, Triple Talaq, and Citizen Amendment Act to quench his blind desire for power and chair. It was he who chose to become minister on the quota of BJP in the BJP-PDP cabinet. As far as our response on Rahul Gandhi’s disqualification as MP is concerned, JKNC Spokesperson has already issued a statement condemning Rahul Gandhi's disqualification by the LS secretariat.”

The leaders said that Sajad's cozying up with BJP-RSS continues unabated post 2019. “His presence at the RRS meet in Pahalgam reinstated his permanent character as a pendulum. The pendulum character of his politics was further reinstated by his leaving the PAGD.”

The leaders asked Lone to reveal the 'compulsions' that prompted him to join hands with BJP-RSS. “He wants to sail in two boats but he will soon sink under the weight of his falsehood.”

Rejecting the diatribe of Sajad on 1987 elections, the leaders said, "He has spoken about the so called 1987 election rigging by NC and Congress. If at all Sajad was serious about it then why did he choose to be a minister under the Mufti Sayeed led cabinet in 2015. Did not his conscience stop him from working under a person who was JKPCC chief during 1987 elections. It is high time for Sajad to do self-introspection and seek apologies from the people.”

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