NC dares Mufti to condemn Parikar’s statement

The opposition National Conference on Sunday condemned the spate of mysterious killings of civilians in north Kashmir’s Sopore area and lashed out at PDP for being what it called a “willing accessory in a devious plan to re-invent Ikhwanis” in Kashmir.
NC dares Mufti to condemn Parikar’s statement
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The opposition National Conference on Sunday condemned the spate of mysterious killings of civilians in north Kashmir's Sopore area and lashed out at PDP for being what it called a "willing accessory in a devious plan to re-invent Ikhwanis" in Kashmir. 

In a statement the NC Spokesman Junaid Azim Mattu while expressing grief over the killing of late Meraj-ud-din Dar outside his house at Badambagh in Sopore, said this was the fifth civilian killing in Sopore since the May 24. "Five civilians have been shot dead in Sopore and the J&K Chief Minister's silence has now become deafening. Why has all this started happening only after the Union Defence Minister's statement that hinted at a plan to re-invent counter-insurgents in Kashmir? Are the J&K Chief Minister and his party on board? Their silence certainly says so in loud, unambiguous terms," he said.

The NC Spokesman said it was none other than Mufti Muhammad Sayeed who during his previous term lorded over the targeted assassinations of top Hizbul Mujahideen commanders who had declared a unilateral ceasefire and participated in talks during the NC Government of Dr. Farooq Abdullah.

"Those Hizbul Mujahideen commanders were assassinated on the directions of Mufti Mohammad Sayeed despite the fact that a ceasefire had been declared. By doing so Mufti Sayeed inflicted a great setback on the process of reconciliation and re-integration that National Conference had started. What is happening in Sopore today is in line with what Mufti Sayeed and PDP did back then and what Mufti Sayeed has done as the dreaded Home Minister of India", Mattu added. 

"Mufti Sayeed has a history of leaning towards counter-insurgency, sabotage and deception ever since his dreaded days as the Home Minister of India in the Jan Morcha Government.

He is unarguably the main architect of repression and constitutional erosions in Kashmir and has his hands drenched with the blood of those innocents who were gunned down in the Gaw Kadal, Hawal and Bijbehara massacres. Now, after Mufti Sahab's latest sell-out to BJP and RSS, it seems he has consented to be a willing accessory and an accomplice in some sort of an evil plan to re-invent Ikhwanis in the Valley.

And this is a very dangerous proposition. Within the first three weeks of the Union Defense Minister's mischievous statement five civilians have been shot dead by unidentified gunmen in Sopore and that is extremely worrisome", he added. 

The NC Spokesman said PDP had surrendered the honour and dignity of the people of Jammu and Kashmir for the singular aim of making Mufti Sayeed the Chief Minister for a full six-year term. "No wonder then that Mufti Sayeed has become subservient to his Deputy Chief Minister, Nirmal Singh who now unofficially heads the Home Ministry in the State.

The same people who promised a 'battle of ideas' with the Separatists are the ones who are disallowing seminars, arresting participants and silently watching as spectators while one innocent life after another is lost in Sopore. While in opposition, Mufti Sahab and Mehbooba Mufti claimed a moral high ground while falsely accusing the previous NC-led Government of things that this Government has clearly exacerbated manifold just within its first three months in power. Things are getting worse and worse by the day", the NC Spokesman said.

"We demand that the Chief Minister gathers the courage to condemn the statement of the Union Defence Minister and comes out in the open about his role in the plan to re-invent Ikhwanis in Kashmir. The public perception is that PDP is a part and parcel of this devious plan and this was in fact an unofficial part of the agreement between the two parties ahead of forming the Government in the State.

The Chief Minister's continued silence has added credibility to this perception. The people of Kashmir will never forgive PDP for playing with their future for the petty trappings of power at any cost. The PDP-BJP Government should abandon all dangerous plans to re-invent counterinsurgency before it becomes too late", Junaid Mattu added. 

The NC Spokesman said National Conference would strongly oppose a now apparent plan to re-invent Ikhwanis in the Valley and will not allow PDP to play with the lives of innocent Kashmiris for its insatiable appetite for political power as an end in itself.

"We are observing the unfortunate situation that has developed in Sopore and the people of the entire State are disturbed and anguished. We express solidarity and sympathy with the families of those civilians who have been killed since the 25th of May and assure the people of the State that we will continue to oppose all nefarious designs that are being hatched by the PDP-BJP unholy alliance", he added.

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