NCC Group Commander inspects camp at Manasbal

NCC Group Commander inspects camp at Manasbal
GK Photo

Srinagar, Sep 2: Brigadier KS Kalsi, Group Commander of the Srinagar NCC Group, embarked on a visit to the Pre Nausainik Camp situated at the picturesque Manasbal location.

This stunning backdrop provided the perfect setting for a day filled with motivation, guidance, and unwavering support for the dedicated cadets.

Upon his arrival, Brigadier KS Kalsi was greeted with warm hospitality by the camp’s eager participants and dedicated instructors.

Nestled amid the serene beauty of Manasbal, the camp served as a nurturing environment for the development of invaluable skills and teamwork among aspiring naval cadets.

The visit commenced with a comprehensive briefing on the various activities conducted at the camp, including boat pulling, semaphore, and ship modelling.

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