Nisar Naseem’s book ‘Bazar Wuchmai Tamasha’ released

Noted broadcaster and playwright Nissar Naseem’s book ‘Bazar Wuchmai Tamasha’ and actor-writer Abdul Rashid Gamgeens book ‘Varasat’ were released today at a literary function organised at the banks of famed Manasbal Lake.
Nisar Naseem’s book ‘Bazar Wuchmai Tamasha’ released
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Noted broadcaster and playwright Nissar Naseem's book 'Bazar Wuchmai Tamasha' and actor-writer Abdul Rashid Gamgeens book 'Varasat' were released today at a literary function organised at the banks of famed Manasbal Lake.

The book was released by noted poet and critic Rafiq Raaz, former minister and MLA Mian Altaf, PDP leader Dr Mehboob Beigh and others at the function organised by Greater Kashmir Foundation. 

Mian Altaf while praising the authors said the books are the continuation of the legacy of brilliant writers and broadcasters Kashmir has produced. "Most often we feel that writing something is easy but in reality it is not. Writing is a big challenge for a writer much like us politicians whose big challenge is to participate in the elections," said Altaf. 

He appreciated the GK Foundation for organising such a literary function, saying such events encourage the artists and inspire younger talent.

Commenting on the book featuring dramas woven around the Kashmir politics, society and situation, Altaf said that Naseem had done a beautiful job by raising various facets of Kashmir issue while weaving them subtly in his plots. "In his dramas, he has raised the issues of Kashmir. I hope in future he will write a book in which he will write about the solution to Kashmir issue too," said Altaf.

Rafiq Raaz termed the release of two books, both of which are Kashmiri drama collections, as a rich addition to the Kashmiri drama literature. 

He termed Naseem as one of those broadcasters who contributed towards reviving the drama culture in Kashmir. "The theatre culture was at its peak in 70s and mid 80s. At that time we had brilliant playwrights, talented actors and producers. The mixture made the era as golden era of Kashmir theatre, but unfortunately its decline started in mid 80s and it died down in 90s. In last two decades people like Nissar Naseem have tried to revive that rich culture," said Raaz. 

He said that everybody is a dramatist yet only few manage to keep the fire going and end up translating their thoughts on paper and stage. "The biggest quality of Naseem is that he has a deep observation of the society which he intelligently reflects in his dramas. The best fiction is one which has not happened yet, but there is a chance of its happening. It has such plots that when people read the fiction they feel it is my story. Naseem's plays have similar qualities," said Raaz.

While appreciated Gamgeen for his drama collection, Raaz said Gamgeen is not only an excellent writer but a talented actor too. "I have produced some of his dramas in Radio and he used to be on the sets with me. His ability to edit the plots, without losing their essence, in real time is wonderful," said Raaz. 

"His acting is another gem. In the 1980s we had a wonderful actor Sudhama Ji who used to do characters of elderly persons. I can safely bet that after Sudhama Ji, the title for such best actor goes to Gamgeen."

The book Bazar Wuchmai Tamasha is Naseem's second drama collection. The 157-page book comprises three dramas highlighting various aspects of Kashmiri society and politics. 

Varasat is sixth book of Gamgeen containing various dramas depicting Kashmiri society.

Fayaz Ahmad Kaloo, editor-in-chief Greater Kashmir and a galaxy of writers, poets, broadcasters and art lovers participated in the function. 

The GK foundation reiterated its commitment that it will continue to encourage and facilitate the writers, poets and artists of Kashmir in future too.

On the occasion, Manasbal Dramatics also conferred lifetime achievement award on Abdul Rasheed Gamgeen for his decades of work.

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