Noora Cardiac Care Centre equipped with latest facilities

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Srinagar, Sep 23: The Noora Cardiac Care Centre has been equipped with the latest facilities.

A statement read that “ senior Interventional Cardiologists have urged people and heart patients to remain aware of latest advances in cardiac Interventions and Cardia Technologies.

These include High definition Intravascular Ultrasonography (HDIVUS), Rotational Atherectomy & FFR for High quality Cardiac Interventional/Cardiac Care.

Number of patients with heavily calcified Coronary Artery Disease which is more complex in nature is difficult to treat with conventional PCI techniques. For many of these patients, BYPASS surgery can be the option for treatment. But many of these patients are at a very high risk for BYPASS surgery with higher mortality. For such patients PCI with Rotational Atherectomy is the only hope as life-saving procedure.”

“Our senior cardiologist recommend this advanced technique to treat Heavily Calcified and Undilatable coronary artery lesions. With the help of Rotational Atherectomy we can save many such patients who are otherwise inoperable. Heavily Calcified arteries cannot be dilated & opened with only conventional balloon angioplasty. Rotational Artherectomy modifies the Calcified blocks and makes them Dilatable with successful balloon angioplasty combined with Rot ablation. So rotational atherectomy makes PCI successful in heavily calcified Coronary artery blocks.”

“Medical Technologies are ever Advancing like newer High Definition Intravascular

Ultrasonography (HD-IVUS). Stent deployment performed under the guidance of intravascular ultrasound (IVUS),has higher possibility of optimal results even in the most complex lesions and better patient outcome in the long run. Intravascular ultrasound (IVUS) allows to visualize directly coronary artery and lesion directly from Inside out. This unique HD-IVUS view provides critical information of the arterial wall, its lumen and severity of stenosis IVUS can also characterize plaque composition and calcification. It helps to determine vessel size, stent expansion, wall apposition, minimal stent area, edge dissection,tissue prolapsed and stent restenosis. Above advantages are not possible with Conventional Angio-guided Coronary Angioplasty (PCI).IVUS guided procedures are more cost effective. IVUS guided PCI has lower chance of adverse cardiac events and lower stent failure rates on long term follow up.”

“Another technological advancement in Coronary treatment which add up to better patient outcomes in PTCA procedures is Fractional Flow Reserve (FFR). FFR is used in Cath lab to measure pressure difference across coronary artery stenosis.FFR is the most studied physiologic tool to assess significant Ischemic and decide whether to stent or not stent the lesion.”

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