Omar has forgotten atrocities unleashed by NC: Mehboob Beg

"I am deeply disappointed by Omar Abdullah's politicisation of South Kashmir’s human tragedy for political gains"
Omar has forgotten atrocities unleashed by NC:  Mehboob Beg

,People's Democratic Party (PDP) senior leader Dr Mehboob Beg on Thursday warned National Conference vice-president  Omar Abdullah against any attempt to politicise the human tragedy in south Kashmir for petty political gains.

In a statement here Dr Beg said,  "I am deeply disappointed by Omar Abdullah'spoliticisation of South Kashmir's human tragedy for political gains. Omarcasting aspersions on our party does not dilute the fact that his family andhis party – the National Conference have been the single largest source ofpolitical oppression and suppression on the people of the state."

"No one in south Kashmir has forgotten what  NC  didto workers of Jamat-e-Islami in 1970s. Omar himself stands responsible fordevastation of south Kashmir, when during his father's rule POTA was imposed,notorious STF and Ikhwan unleashed atrocities on people especially in southKashmir," he added.

Dr Beg reminded Omar that that it was in his rule that SouthKashmir faced worst security crackdown that destroyed many families.  "Who can forget the tragic fate of Asiya& Neelofar – daughters of south Kashmir, who were brutally raped andmurdered by culprits shielded by Omar Abdullah's administration?  Everyone knows the role that Omar Abdullahand his administration played in protecting perpetrators of the crime," healleged.

Dr Beg reiterated that,the devastation of South Kashmir is a human tragedy of immense pain andsuffering.  "Let's not politicize it forpetty political gains. Let's come together to heal the pain and suffering ofthe people of South Kashmir, rather than take advantage of the situation", headded.

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