Opposition creates uproar in House over speaker’s participation in PDP-BJP meeting

The budget session of Jammu and Kashmir Legislative Assembly on Tuesday started with noisy scenes after the Opposition questioned presence of the speaker in PDP-BJP meeting held few days ago.

Senior NC leader and Khanyar MLA Ali Muhammad Sagar said no speaker has attended any political party meeting.

“You are the first speaker who attended political party meeting. It was not in precedence of the House,” Sagar yelled at the speaker.

Sagar said if he is proven wrong he wouldn’t ever raise any issues in the House.

He was joined by MLA eidgah Mubarak Gul who said that he never attended any political party meeting when he was appointed as speaker of the Lower House.

Later, the speaker said if his presence in the political party meeting was wrong he wouldn’t repeat it in future.

“Ok, if I have committed a mistake by attending political party meeting I won’t go in future,” he said.

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