Over 40 schools in J&K implement LEAD’s school system

Over 40 schools in J&K implement LEAD’s school system
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Srinagar,  Jan 23: India's largest school  unicorn is boosting learning outcomes and building student confidence in schools across Jammu and Kashmir.

With its international standard curriculum, multi-modal teaching-learning methods and technology-driven solutions, LEAD’s NEP-aligned Integrated School System ensures that students are able to gain deep conceptual understanding and mastery across subjects.

Over 40 schools in Jammu and Kashmir have already implemented LEAD’s Integrated School Edtech System.  Moreover, over 700 teachers in J&K schools have already been trained and certified by LEAD.  Over the next few years, LEAD aims to transform 250+ schools in Jammu and Kashmir.

LEAD transforms schools in tier 2+ towns by bridging the gap between the quality of education available in these towns and in India’s metros and large cities.   LEAD’s Integrated System is available to over 3000 schools in 400+ towns and cities across India; reaches more than 1.2 million students;  and empowers over 25,000 teachers. 

Sumeet Mehta, Co-Founder and CEO, LEAD, said, “A child in India spends 6 - 7 hours in school each day.  Yet only a fraction of these students - those studying in high-fee schools in India’s metros -  enjoy access to internationally benchmarked, high quality education.  At LEAD, we are committed to changing this by empowering schools across India with our Integrated School Edtech system.  Jammu and Kashmir is an important part of this vision, and we will continue to focus on growing our presence in the region as part of our aspiration to reach 60,000 schools and 25 million students over the next 5 years.”

Speaking about LEAD, Mir Tariq Maqbool, Principal, Radiant Public School, Anantnag, said, “Radiant Public School was established in 2000 and is today one of the leading schools in J&K.  We had been searching for an integrated school system that would combine modern curriculum, creativity and technology to ensure that our students were future-ready and confident; and LEAD was the perfect fit.”

“When teachers are well-equipped with the right learning objective and resources, student learning outcomes automatically improve.  We have experienced this sformation with LEAD, through its teacher training modules, objective lesson plans and classroom management system.  Our students are better able to understand concepts and subjects and their academic performance has improved considerably.  Moreover, many of our students have worked on interesting ojects such as developing websites, as part of LEAD’s Coding and Computational Skills (CCS) program.  I’d strongly recommend LEAD to school owners: they will find a difference,” he added.

LEAD enables operational excellence and efficiency for school administrators; boosts teacher skills and productivity; and helps better engage parents in its partner schools.  It is solving some of the biggest challenges facing affordable private schools in Jammu and Kashmir, including student proficiency in English, ineffective teaching-learning methods, academic calendar planning, teacher effectiveness in the classroom and subject-specific pedagogy.  LEAD-powered schools are able to derive the benefits of improved admissions and greater favourability among  parents.

LEAD delivers over 1.5 years of English proficiency growth in a year through its program 'ELGA' (English Language and General Awareness), which teaches language as a skill.   LEAD students have access to unique and holistic learning experiences and opportunities through national - level platforms such as LEAD’s Student Championship, and LEAD Masterclasses with subject matter experts and celebrities.  With LEAD, students gain confidence to succeed in life by building skills of the future such as communication, collaboration and critical thinking. 

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