Pakistan not fulfilling its Kashmir responsibility effectively: Aasiya Andrabi

Chairperson of Dukhtaran-e-Millat, Syeda Aasiya Andrabi, on Thursday lashed out at Pakistani authorities for failing to play its role vis-à-vis the Kashmir issue as effectively as was expected of it.

“We observe January 5 as the day when the people of Jammu and Kashmir were guaranteed the right to determine their future in 1949 5th of January But why these resolutions are yet to be implemented. One of the reasons, it seems, is that Pakistan isn’t fulfilling its responsibility as effectively as it had to with regard to the Kashmir issue,” Andrabi said in a statement.

She said that Kashmiris refer to the ongoing movement as the movement for the completion of Pakistan. “We are struggle for the past 70 years with the understanding that Kashmir issue is an unfinished agenda of partition. So it is expected of Pakistan that it does more than what it is doing,” she said.

“The people of Pakistan are with us wholeheartedly, but it seems that the establishment as well as all political parties are not as passionate and interested. It is ironic that the leaders in Pakistan are busy in political fistfights and are fighting for petty gains.  How unfortunate is that just for coming to the power, these leaders are ready to put the Kashmir issue into the back burner?.”

Flaying the Pakistan authorities for its “weak” foreign policy and influence in the international forums, Andrabi said, “the diplomatic efforts and influence of Pakistan is so weak so weak that the UN is banning organisations like Jamat-u-Dawah and Falah-i-Insaniyat foundation. These organisations work tirelessly for the welfare of the humanity and are always ready to help the oppressed people wherever needed. These organizations provide relief to oppressed people in Palestine, Iraq, Myanmar and other places.”

“But it is unfortunate that under the influence of India and US, UN is putting sanctions on such organisations.”

“Above all, the biggest weakness of Pakistan government is that it is not able to get the UN resolutions regarding Kashmir implemented on ground.”

Taking a dig at the UN, Andrabi said that because of the uselessness and hypocrisy of UN, its resolutions on Kashmir are yet to be implemented.

“69 years have passed but the toothless UN is unable to do anything regarding the implementation of UN resolutions,” she added.

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