Pakistan shouldn’t succumb to US pressure: Aasiya Andrabi

Dukhtaran-e-Millat on Sunday organized a convention here to commemorate the ‘Kashmir Solidarity Day’.
Pakistan shouldn’t succumb to US pressure: Aasiya Andrabi
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Dukhtaran-e-Millat on Sunday organized a  convention here to commemorate the 'Kashmir Solidarity Day'.

Spokesperson of DeM in a statement said the day also marked the completion of 24 years of Dr Muhammad Qasim, the incarcerated husband of DeM chairperson Syeda Aasiyah Andrabi, in jail.

"We express gratitude to the people of Pakistan for their unflinching support to the people of Kashmir and Kashmir cause. The day was being celebrated at government level in Pakistan since 1990. However, Hafiz Saeed played an active role since last several years and ensured participation of people at ground level," DeM spokesperson said.

Addressing the convention, a member of DeM Shaista Shahazad talked extensively about "Aalmi Kufur Ki Sazishein aur Kashmiri Musalman".

Meanwhile, DeM secretary general Nahida Nasreen on the occasion threw light on the sacrifices of Dr Qasim and his 24 years life in jail.

"Dr Qasim is a victim of political vendetta. He has authored nearly two dozen books including Tafsir and has extensively covered various aspects of Kashmir Struggle and Takmeel-e-Pakistan. The books of Dr Qasim give us an Idea about how Takmeel-e-Pakistan is incomplete without Kashmir and educates the readers about the vision of Dr Sahab," she said.

"Dr Qasim's detention has not only made him suffer but his family too. He is a Mufassir and Musannif besides a revolutionary in himself," she added.

"There are other lifers also in the jails. Joint resistance leadership should mobilize itself and come up with some concrete measures to address this grave issue so that no other youth in future will have to face such lifers," she said. 

Meanwhile, DeM chairperson Syeda Aasiya Andrabi, who is under continuous house arrest since December 21 last year, addressed the convention telephonically.

She asked the government of Pakistan and its opposition "not to succumb to the pressures of America and its allies and do not quit from the Kashmir movement."

"The government of Pakistan should strengthen the Kashmir Committee under a dynamic leadership and make it more vibrant by sending its members to different countries and launch a massive movement at the diplomatic level to pressurize India to resolve the Kashmir dispute," she said.

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