Private sector stability crucial for future of youth: Arif Laigaroo

Private sector stability crucial for future of youth: Arif Laigaroo
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Srinagar, May 5: Jammu and Kashmir People's Democratic Party ex state secretary youth and Constituency In-Charge, Habba Kadal, Arif Laigaroo, today  highlighted the importance of private sector stability in addressing the social and economic challenges being faced by the youth in Jammu and Kashmir.

In a statement, he said that promoting stability in the private sector is crucial to ensuring a brighter future for the younger generation, who are struggling with mental health issues, drug addiction, and other crimes.

Laigaroo emphasised that the private sector requires the same stability and security that is currently found in the public sector and with government jobs. He noted that not everyone can get a job with the public sector and the government, and hence, it is crucial to create job opportunities in the private sector that provide financial stability and skills required for success.

He also suggested that private sector stability can play a significant role in addressing mental health issues in the region. The lack of job opportunities and financial stability leads to stress and anxiety among young people, which result in mental health issues. By creating job opportunities, the private sector can help alleviate stress and anxiety levels among young people and promote better mental health outcomes, he added.

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