Raffle draw results announced

Results of 1211 Raffle draw prizes of 26th Police Public Mela were announced at Bakshi Stadium here this evening.

Results of 1211 Raffle draw prizes of 26th Police Public Mela were announced at Bakshi Stadium here this evening. 

Small children drawn from the gathering picked the lucky numbers for prizes of different categories in presence of senior police officers, chairperson JKPWWA, K Vijaya Rajendra and others.

The Bumper prize (Car MOBILIO Honda) was won by raffle draw ticket No. (Series A-35316).
The first prize (10 cars AMAZE Honda) were won by ticket Nos. A-73829, B-55741, C-91932, D-64953, E-41365, F-14627, G-07350, H-11941, I-62383 and J-82380.
2nd prize (10 cars FIGO Ford) were bagged by ticket Nos. A-33689, B-38724, C-64073, D-48812, E-28014, F-45073, G-13091, H-37790, I-47662 and J-34281.
The 3rd prize (10 cars EON Hyundai) were won by ticket Nos. A-58342, B-75821, C-41400, D-12692, E-23536, F-07488, G-54614, H-13778, I-77963 and J-85018.
4th prize (10 motorcycles DREAN NEO Honda) won by A-35868, B-61661, C-64252, D-98536, E-17781, F-90564, G-67786, H-44154, I-36002 and J-91303.
5th prize (10 Scooties ACTIVA Honda) went to ticket Nos. A-88523, B-08280, C-66867, D-44141, E-23745, F-57023, G-63865, H-45010, I-35332 and J-82923.
The 6th prize (10 LED 32") won by ticket Nos. A-34626, B-61581, C-22835, D-48502, E-71301, F-51390, G-55713, H-93424, I-75503 and J-10041.
The 7th prize (10 Laptops) went to ticket Nos. A-70892, B-05015, C-48657, D-90065, E-66309, F-63099, G-38665, H-55698, I-22510 and J-94410.
The 8th prize (10 AC 1.5 Ton) won by ticket Nos. A-31762, B-90228, C-02551, D-52039, E-87582, F-40448, G-31082, H-72082,  I-01604 and J-82292.
The 9th prize (10 Tabs) were bagged by ticket Nos. A-89595, B-34049, C-33049, D-03939, E-04051, F-49653, G-39654, H-86698, I-78669 and J-56483.
The 10th prize (10 Washing Machines) went to ticket Nos. A-34440, B-67874, C-56662, D-25652, E-58884,  F-14440, G-36562,  H-02028, I-02039 and J-65252.
The 11th prize, (10 cash prizes of Rs.10,000)  went to tickets numbers of series having 5 digits 65652.
Accordingly 12th prize, (100 cash prizes of Rs.5000) went to ticket numbers with their last four digits 1898.
Likewise 13th prize (1000 cash prizes of Rs.1,000) went to tickets having last three digits 189.

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