Reconsider posting of senior veterinarians: IVA to Government

Alleging 'adhocism' in Animal Husbandry Department, the Indian Veterinary Association (IVA) has urged the government to reconsider postings of senior veterinarians.

"By virtue of the Government order no: 78 ASH of 2021 dated 30.04.2021, two senior veterinarians of the department namely Dr Zahoor Ah Haroon and Dr Arjumand Rashid, both having provided 20 odd years of service to the Department have been sent to Jammu Division on VAS posts. This apparently has been done to facilitate the return of doctors appointed a year or so back under SRO 202 from Jammu Division to Kashmir Division. If it were not for the adhocism and Incharge system rampant in the Department both these senior doctors would have been promoted as LDO months if not years back," Dr Kaiser Makhdoomi, President IVA J&K, said in a letter to Rajeev Rai Bhatnagar, Advisor to Lieutenant Governor.

The IVA urged the authorities to reconsider the decision and also sought audience with the Advisor for discussion on other issues facing them.

"A cursory appraisal of the Government order is enough to identify how, many doctors have been transferred just to reset their stay durations and very close to their residences. The IVA feels that your good‐self should enquire from your subordinate staff (Addl/Deputy/Under Secys) the reasons for such simple swaps and posting of inexperienced/ junior doctors on Block Level posts. (BVO Palpora and BVO Barzulla to exemplify). In the meantime, the Association is hopeful that you will reconsider the posting of the above‐named senior veterinarians of the department and issue appropriate instructions so that the injustice done with them is rectified," the IVA said.

"We would also like to seek an opportunity to discuss many other issues that have been plaguing the department of late and whose early redressal is paramount to ensure that this jewel in the crown of the UT is not lost to apathy and inefficiency at many levels," it added.

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