Resistance camp slams exam ‘politics’

Kashmir’s joint resistance leadership on Monday lashed out at J&K government’s plans to hold annual examinations of Class 10th and 12th from next month.
Resistance camp slams exam ‘politics’
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Kashmir's joint resistance leadership on Monday lashed out at J&K government's plans to hold annual examinations of Class 10th and 12th from next month.

In a hard-hitting statement, the top resistance leaders including Syed Ali Geelani, Mirwaiz Umar Farooq and Muhammad Yasin Malik said the minister concerned "who wants to help the state continueswith the charade of normalcy by conducting the exams, should first create an enabling environment."

"On the contrary he got the schools, colleges and universities occupied by the occupational forces. He cannot guarantee the safety and security of our beloved children who have been traumatized by the same forces across the state," they said. The leaders reminded people that "this worthy and the most vocal of the hatchery of collaborators that in early '90s, this very minister used to extol virtues of freedom through his write-ups under various pseudonyms and today he not only supports but is on the forefront of providing a shameless cover to the Indian brutalities by parroting frivolous assertions about education, ethics and society." "He and other turncoats like him are today's Mir Jafars, but they won't stand for long before the sweep of truth coupled with people's political consent," the leaders said.

The leaders, while commenting on the government's repeated announcements of conducting exams and opening schools, questioned its concern, saying "how can a government that presides over murder of children pretend to be their well-wisher? How dare they lecture us on the virtues of education and its importance to our future? How wicked are these Indian stooges to feign sympathy for the future of our children? Their brutal conduct during the past three months has blown their cover of deception. Also whatever they peddle as concern is their confusion about education and literacy."

Explaining "the real essence and gist of education", the resistance leaders said "literacy only makes us and our children familiar with sounds and signs but real education is what liberates our minds. Education enlightens the soul and enables a person to distinguish between good and bad, right and wrong, truth and falsehood. Going by the basic and traditional definition of education, those presiding over the worst oppression of Indian State and lecturing us on ethical and social graces can be anything but educated." Had they been educated, they would have liberated themselves from the yoke of fake power and sided with truth, standing beside their own people, as education would never make a monster out of people, the leaders said. "It rather ennobles and awakens conscience of people." 

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