Restore democratic rights of people: Hakeem Muhammad Yaseen

Srinagar, Sep 26: Former minister and Chairman Jammu and Kashmir Peoples Democratic Front (J&K PDF) Hakeem Muhammad Yaseen has urged the central government to restore the democratic right of people. 

He reiterated his party’s resolve to strive for restoration of the constitutional and democratic rights of the people of Jammu and Kashmir. “ Upholding honour and dignity of the people and restoration of their constitutional and democratic rights was core mission of PDF,”Hakeem Yaseen said while addressing a public meeting at Khan Sahib . He assured that PDF would be ever ready to offer any sacrifice for protecting honour and identity of the people . He urged the center to hold Assembly elections in Jammu and Kashmir without any further delay to restore democratic and constitutional rights of the people and to enable local people elect their own representatives.

 PDF Chairman has urged the center to initiate meaningful confidence building measures ( CBMs) to bridge the prevailing mistrust and disenchantment among the people. He said people here want peace with dignity , restoration of their democratic rights and fulfillment of their political ,social and developmental aspirations which need to be reciprocated with love and humanitarian approach .He said proxy governments in Jammu and Kashmir have failed to solve problems of the common people adding that rapport between bureaucracy and the common people have reached to its lowest ebb . The deep disconnect between people and bureaucracy has aggravated problems of the as never before .

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