Sajad Lone hits out at Abdullahs, Muftis as PC begins public outreach programme ‘Salaam O Kalam’

“Notorious murderers of Kashmiris have no right to pay homage to martyrs of 1931”
Sajad Lone hits out at Abdullahs, Muftis as PC begins public outreach programme ‘Salaam O Kalam’

Peoples Conference chairman Sajad Gani Lone on Sunday saidthe notorious murderers who massacred Kashmiris have no right to pay homage tothe martyrs of 13 July 1931.

Addressing thousands of workers in Rafiabad as part ofparty's outreach program – 'Salaam O Kalaam', PC Chairman Sajad Lone said,"Yesterday it was 13th July and we were remembering the martyrs of the valiantstruggle in 1931. May I ask Farooq Abdullah a question. If 13 July isremembered for these atrocities of the monarchy what is the date that Farooqwould suggest for the mass killings at his hands during his days ofgovernance."

"This is clear hypocrisy. You want the people to rememberthose killed for sacred struggle for liberty, dignity and empowerment— and weshould—but what about those who were killed in the last three decades duringthe rule of twin traditional parties? Do we have short term memory loss andforgot about the mass killings since 1987? This is something that we all needto ponder on", he further added.

Sajad said that the "theatrical performances orchestrated bythese dynasties on the July 13 are ironic and represent a glaring paradox."

 "The same dynastiesthat have dishonored the sacrifices of the martyrs and have ordered andsupervised many more massacres in Kashmir, want to enact a drama of layingwreaths at the graves of our brave martyrs," he said.

 "There is absolutelynothing in common these dynasties could possibly feign to have with the martyrsof Kashmir, or with their heroic struggle for dignity. On the contrary, thesubversive and exploitative political dynasties of Kashmir have emulated theunjust and oppressive monarchy with great zeal and dedication", he added.

Sajad further pledged to carry forward their "sacred struggle"for empowering the traditionally disempowered Kashmiri and make him the masterof his own destiny.

The rally was part of the party's outreach program – 'SalaamO Kalaam' to initiate extensive public outreach in order to take forward theparty's mission in delivering change on-ground.

The convention was attended by hundreds of party workers.Besides PC Chairman Sajad Gani Lone, senior leaders Abdul Gani Vakil andKhursheed Khan addressed the gathering of workers, said a spokesman.

Senior vice president of party and former minister AbdulGani Vakil while addressing the workers blamed successive regimes forneglecting Rafiabad.

"The representatives elected by the masses convenientlyforgot to address issues concerning the general public. PC will work towardsdeveloping infrastructure and bring Rafiabad on the tourism map," he said.

Speaking on the occasion, senior party leader KhursheedAhmad Khan said that people of Rafiabad will teach a lesson in upcomingAssembly to those who have deceived and hoodwinked people in the past threedecades.

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