Students in Baramulla mesmerise audience at Children’s Day event

Baramulla, Nov 20: In a heartwarming display of talent, students from Dar-ul-Muzaffar Children’s Home in Baramulla captivated the audience during the Children’s Day celebrations organised by the Peoples Education Trust (PET) Welfare Society.

The charitable event was aimed to bring joy to the lives of orphaned and destitute children under the care of the PET Society.

The day-long celebration, presided over by Col M Swathi Kumar, commenced with the recitation of Quranic verses, setting a spiritual tone for the function. The students then took center stage, presenting a variety of performances, including group dances, Qawali, speeches, Kashmiri Rouf, and a mesmerizing rendition of Laddii Shah by a talented girl student.

The audience remained spellbound throughout the performances, witnessing the remarkable skills and creativity displayed by the young participants.

The event not only marked a celebration of Children’s Day but also served as a platform for the students to showcase their talents and aspirations for a brighter future.

In his speech, Col M Swathi Kumar expressed his pride in witnessing the smiles of the children during his tenure in Baramulla.

He emphasised the importance of respecting elders, avoiding backbiting, and steering clear of wrongdoing.

“You need to become a good citizen within society, and at the same time, you should also keep in mind what goals you want to achieve for yourself in the future,” Col Swathi advised the students.

Col Swathi encouraged the students to view education as a tool for a better future, reminding them not to let their studies go to waste.

“Utilize your education and make your future better and bright,” he said. The officiating chairman of PET Welfare Society, Prof Ismael, highlighted the organization’s commitment to the welfare of children. He stressed the moral responsibility of society to support and rehabilitate distressed children who often lack the necessities of life and adequate financial support for their education. Prof Ismael shared insights into the functioning of the J&K PET Welfare Society, emphasising its reliance on voluntary donations from compassionate individuals in the region. He detailed the society’s operation of two Children’s Homes, Dar-ul-Muzaffar in Baramulla for female children and Dar-ul-Salam in Sopore for male children.

“At present, 52 female children are on the rolls at Baramulla, whereas 46 male children are at Dar-ul-Salam Sopore,” he said.

To enhance the employability of the children, in-house skill development training in computer applications and short-term training in cutting and tailoring for girls are arranged. The children also receive formal education at schools near the Children’s Homes.

During the proceedings, retired Professor Irshad Wani, in his presidential address, called for full support to the trust and emphasised the collective responsibility of society in ensuring the well-being of these children. The event drew to a close with a powerful message from a female student, stressing the importance of education and urging society not to judge students solely on their academic achievements.

Secretary of PET Society Muhammad Sidique Wani, Prof Sheikh Nazir, and other dignitaries were present on the occasion.

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