Students in Kangan march to press for justice in recent rape cases

Students in Kangan Wednesday staged a protest demonstration against two alleged rapes recently in Sumbal and Ganderbal areas that angered people across Kashmir valley.

Students of the Boys Govt Higher Secondary Kangan came outin the main market shouting slogans demanding capital punishment to the accusedarrested for allegations of raping a 3-year-old child and a teenager in the twodifferent cases.

Carrying placards the students first assembled in the schoolpremises and later marched through the main market of Kangan up to the officeof the sub-district magistrate.

“We want an exemplary punishment to the culprits sothat no one in future dares to commit such a heinous crime,” said one ofthe protesting students.

Latter they disbursed peacefully and went back to theirclassrooms.

The accused both the case have already been arrested andbooked under the stringent POSCO Act.

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