Take NC’s mass reach out campaign to every house : Omar Abdullah

Chairs party meeting
Take NC’s mass reach out campaign to every house : Omar Abdullah
Photo: Jammu and Kashmir National Conference

Srinagar, June 21: Former chief minister and National Conference (NC) vice president Omar Abdullah today directed his partymen to take their mass reach out campaign to every house.

According to a press note, he was addressing a party meeting here. He alleged that there were efforts to destroy NC. “When did the people of Delhi not try to weaken the National Conference, from 1953 until today. They have been continuously trying to find its way to destroy it. Despite millions of efforts and conspiracies, the National Conference and the symbol of the plough continues to remain embedded in the hearts of the people here,” Omar said.

He said that it is unfortunate that the communication between the government and the people is nowhere to be seen in Jammu and Kashmir. “Decisions are being taken without getting the real stakeholders on board. Whether it is regarding ration, installation of smart meters, increase in electricity fee or employment avenues, there is a crisis everywhere. The current rulers are only busy in pomp and shoddy PRs. Ground situation is contrary to what is being claimed," NC leader said.

"Where is the development? Where are those lakhs of jobs? Crores were wasted to show off in the name of G20, it is not a hidden matter, one day a commission will be set up on this and it will be known who is responsible for wasting the public money. No sooner had the G20 guests left, all the underway work on projects were left midway," Omar said.

On the delay in conducting the assembly elections, Omar Abdullah said when the situation in Kashmir is apt for G20, why not assembly elections. “ When it is favourable for DDC, panchayat, local body and parliament elections, why not legislative Assembly elections? In reality it's the BJP which is finding the situation unfavourable for them. They know that an electoral rout is awaiting them therefore, assembly elections are not being held here,”he said.

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