Take note of sacrifices of Kashmiris: Pro-freedom camp to UN

Various pro-freedom organisations have urged the United Nations to take note of sacrifices of Kashmiris and implement its resolutions to resolve the Kashmir dispute.
Take note of sacrifices of Kashmiris: Pro-freedom camp to UN
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Various pro-freedom organisations have urged the United Nations to take note of sacrifices of Kashmiris and implement its resolutions to resolve the Kashmir dispute. 

Hurriyat Conference (M) has called for implementation of January 5, 1949, United Nations resolution and its other resolutions on Jammu and Kashmir, saying "the failure of the world body in the implementing these resolutions for the past seven decades has become the cause of a colossal human tragedy in Jammu Kashmir."

"Keeping the vexed Kashmir issue pending has not only held peace and stability of the subcontinent hostage but also created an atmosphere of political uncertainty in the entire South Asia region," a spokesman of the Hurriyat (M) in a statement today, said, appealing to the new Secretary General of the United Nations, Antonio Guterres, to take note of the countless sacrifices of the life and properties of Kashmiri people.

The spokesman exuded hope that the new Secretary General would  make serious efforts in bringing peace and stability in the region by taking meaningful steps for implementing the UN resolutions on Kashmir and thereby upholding the credibility of UN and help in avoiding confrontation between the two nuclear neighbours India and Pakistan on Kashmir.

Hurriyat Conference (G) leader and National Front (NF) chairman Nayeem Ahmad Khan today said the United Nations (UN) has moral obligation to resolve Kashmir conflict in the light of resolution passed by the Security Council on January 5, 1949.

"This resolution guarantees a peaceful and amicable solution of issue of Kashmir as per aspirations of people of this disputed land.  The specific resolution of January 5, 1949, and the other resolutions passed by the UN Security Council vis-à-vis Kashmir are acknowledgement to the right to self-determination of the people of Jammu and Kashmir and these resolutions stand as a testimony that Jammu and Kashmir has never been an integral or a legal part of India, as being claimed by the Indian state," Nayeem Khan, in a statement today, said.

Khan said, "the UN resolutions on Kashmir are the legal and historical basis, rather bedrock to the fact that Kashmir is one of the oldest disputes that needs a resolution under the international laws and guidelines. Keeping Kashmir issue lingering for decades together has caused a great threat to the peace and stability of entire South Asia." "United Nations has a moral responsibility to take serious note of the military oppression and the ongoing human rights violations in Kashmir. Lakhs of common Kashmiris have been killed, thousands disappeared, tortured and imprisoned during past several decades by the Indian state. In just past few months Indian forces have created havoc in every nook and corner of the Valley. Hundreds of our kids and young people were blinded by using pellet guns. Thousands of youngsters have been imprisoned under the draconian laws like Public Safety Act (PSA)," he said. 

J&K High Court Bar Association (HCBA) today appealed to the international community to get implemented the UN Security Council resolutions that promise holding of plebiscite in Jammu and Kashmir.

On the 69th year of UN Commission for India and Pakistan Resolution dated January 5, 1949 followed by more than two dozen resolutions passed by the Security Council including the one passed on June 6, 1998, a spokesman HCBA, in a statement today, said "the UNSC Resolutions provide complete mechanism for settling the Kashmir dispute and those who are saying that these resolutions have become redundant or unworkable are living in a fool's paradise."

"To enhance the prestige of the world body, the new General Secretary of the UNO should take concrete measures to get the UNSC resolutions on Kashmir implemented, so that peace and tranquility is established in the sub-continent and the people of Kashmir will also live a peaceful life like those who are living in other parts of the world," the statement said.  

The spokesman said, "Both India and Pakistan should facilitate the implementation of these resolutions as they are obliged to do so being parties to the resolution so that the people living in both these two countries also advance and progress in all spheres of their live."

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