‘The man of the Reich’ released, Renzushah complements young novelist

‘The man of the Reich’ released,  Renzushah complements young novelist

A novel titled 'The man of the Reich' written by young novelist Muhammad Hussain Khan was on released here on Friday.

Prominent novelist, Khawaja Farooq Renzushah was chiefguest, advocate Gazzanfer and prominent journalist Zahiruddin were guests ofhonour on the occasion.

Speaking on the occasion, Renzushah complimented youngnovelist whose imagination, he said,  inscripting the novel on most sensitive topic and most controversial personalityof world has achieved such triumph that all are honoured to release this book. He complimented Liepel publication and parentsof Hussain, saying that Kashmir has all along been civilization of ideology,knowledge and Sufiyat of love. He referred to London Star and Graham Williamhistorian of world who few years before had pointed out that Hitler nevercommitted suicide but was secretly taken to one of the princely state of BritishIndia. "New research reveal with abundant proof have presented new historicresearch that Hitler in his last phase came to Rozabal shrine for repentance,"he said, adding that still this research requires more investigation.

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